The accreditation period for Meo Kalorama 2023 will be announced in a later date.



The organization prioritizes the accreditation of journalists whose media have published advanced promo or news about the festival prior to the event.



Accreditation must be requested via the e-mail , available on the festival's website, in the Press section.

Your accreditation request must include: Full name; Citizen Card/Passport; Media of Communication and function in the organization.

It is very important that you check daily the email address through which your accreditation request was made. Including spam.



Till the 21st of August, journalists whose accreditation is approved will be notified by email to pick up their credentials during the week leading up to the festival. This will facilitate the journalist's access to the venue on the days of event.



The accredited Journalist/media will be informed by e-mail about the process of lifting his/her credential and at what time schedule he can do so. 

Each journalist will only be able to pick up his/her credential. Credentials from colleagues will not be given. 

You will need to have your identification document with you when collecting your credential: Citizen Card/Passport.



Photographing or filming artists in the audience is prohibited.

The capture of images of artists / bands will only be authorized with the respective authorization of the organization members staff and only in the areas strictly indicated by them.

By any means , Accreditation by itself, will guarantee the authorization to capture images of all the festival's performances. 

Artists/bands have their own restrictions and have the final word on authorization for image and video coverage/capturing. 

We would like to raise awareness that photographers and videographers may have to sign a contract/ Photo & Video release form with artists and bands, who so require, on the spot before the show.

The organization will communicate daily in the press room the necessary restrictions for capturing images of each artist/band.

The organization will also provide the link (online drive) with images of the various stages/performances for publication by the media with exclusive and dated use in reference to the MEO Kalorama 2023 festival.



Press accreditation does not give any access to exclusive areas such as VIP or backstage areas.

The organization reserves the right to invalidate the press accreditation at any time, if justified.

Deadline to apply for press accreditation is till 18 August.

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