Frequently asked questions

Who are the authorized sales agents?

You can buy daily tickets and 3-day passes for MEO Kalorama at the following official points of sale:

Online Sales Points: seet

Physical Points of Sale: MEO Stores

What happens if I buy a ticket through a non-official channel and how can I be sure it's valid?

The official points of sale are the only outlets that fully guarantee that the ticket purchased is authentic and valid for entry.  It is sold at the correct original value and complies with all terms and conditions provided by the promoter. We cannot guarantee the validity of a ticket purchased at a non-official point of sale.

What online payment methods are available to buy tickets?

The payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Multibanco (only available in Portugal with portuguese bank accounts) and Paypal.

I'm having trouble buying my ticket at Fever!

Please contact

When will MEO KALORAMA happen?

 MEO KALORAMA will be on 29, 30 and 31 of August 2024. 

Where is Parque da Bela Vista?

The park (Parque da Bela Vista) is here.

How do I submit a request for press accreditation?

Please contact us at

I have another question, what should I do?

Please contact us at

Where can I access the MEO Kalorama map?

A few days before the festival the map will be available on our website and social media.

The map may be subject to change.

At what time do the doors open?

Information to be released soon.

What are the opening hours of the Festival box office?

Information to be released soon.

Points where General Passes can be exchanged for wristbands at the Box Office / Entrance to the venue

Information to be released soon.

At what time do the doors open?

Information to be released soon.

At what time do the doors of the festival close?

Information to be released soon.

Can the public with a three-day pass enter and leave the venue without restrictions?

Yes, the public with a three-day pass, from the moment they change and put on the corresponding wristband, can enter and leave the venue within the time frame of its operation. 

The public with a single day ticket can enter and leave the venue without restrictions?

No, after entering the enclosure, the public with a one-day ticket cannot leave and re-enter the enclosure.

Where should I exchange my three-day pass for the wristband?

Before entering the venue, you can exchange your wristband at the Welcome Centre outside the Parque da Bela Vista.

Can I exchange my companions' passes for their respective wristbands?

No. The general pass will be exchanged for a personal and non-transferable wristband. This exchange must be made in person and no loose wristbands will be given.

Can I use the wristband one day, and a friend use it the next day?

No. The wristband is personal and non-transferable. 

I have a VIP invitation. Where should I enter the festival grounds? What services are available? 

A fast track will be created for the VIP the public access.

Is it compulsory to present/print the ticket on paper?

No. We suggest that you present your ticket in digital format to avoid waste and paper consumption.

Is it compulsory to exchange the three-day pass for a wristband?

Yes, it is compulsory.

My wristband is broken. What should I do?

Go to the Welcome Centre outside the Bela Vista Park, bring your wristband and the proof of purchase of the ticket.

I did not receive the email with the proof of purchase of my ticket online. What should I do?

Check your email inbox, as well as SPAM. If you do not find it, contact Fever. 

Can I buy tickets at the box office of the Festival if the tickets are sold out?

No. In case the tickets are sold out the box office will not sell any more tickets.

Can I ask for a refund of the ticket in case one or several artists announced in the program do not perform?

Once purchased, the ticket will only be exchanged or refunded in case of cancellation of the event.

A cancellation is considered when more than half of the scheduled concerts are cancelled or the show does not take place at the venue, date and time scheduled. Cases of force majeure are those resulting from unforeseeable events whose effects occur regardless of the will of the promoter of the show, i.e. fires, floods, cyclones, earthquakes and other natural causes that directly prevent the performance or other causes of force majeure not attributable to the organization, do not give the right to reimbursement of the ticket price. According to Decree-Law No. 23/2014, of February 14.

You should go to the place where you bought your ticket and request the return.

For purchases made at Fever you can request the inclusion of insurance protection for your tickets.

See the terms and conditions of the festival here:

What happens if the event is postponed or cancelled?

Once purchased, your ticket will only be exchanged or refunded in case of cancellation of the event.

In case of postponement of the festival, the tickets will still be valid for the new dates.

Check here for the terms and conditions of the festival:

Are there tickets for a VIP area on sale?


I'm a MEO customer, do I get a discount on tickets?

There are no special discounts for MEO customers.

Can I use MEO points to buy a ticket?

MEO points cannot be used to purchase a ticket.

Which points of sale are authorized?

You can buy daily tickets and 3-day passes for MEO Kalorama at all official points of sale.

Online sales points: and

Physical points of sale: MEO shops, MEO Blueticket network, which includes FNAC, Worten, El Corte Inglés, Turismo de Lisboa, Turismo de Cascais, ACP and Pagaqui network, and at CTT shops.

I am having problems buying my ticket at Fever, what should I do?

Please contact

I have bought several tickets from Fever, but they all came with the same name. Can I change the name to give to someone else?

The tickets for the MEO Kalorama Festival are not nominal, although they are issued in the name of the ticket buyer by default. The three-day passes must be exchanged for wristbands and therefore are not transferable.

Can I exchange or return my ticket?

The terms and conditions of ticket sales for the MEO KALORAMA festival do not allow exchanges or refunds. 

What is the minimum age to enter the festival?

MEO Kalorama is rated for ages 6 and up. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed in the venue.  Minors between 3 and 5 years old do not pay. Minors aged 6 and over must present a ticket. All minors aged 3 years or more and less than 15 years old, may only enter the venue accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. See here the terms and conditions of the festival.

Can I enter the Festival with food and drinks?

You can enter with food for your own consumption. Drinks are only allowed in plastic bottles of water or juice, with a maximum capacity of 33cl, without a cap.

Small quantities of food are allowed, however, in the scope of the inspections carried out by the competent authorities some food items may be identified as not being allowed in. All the food that does not pass the inspection will be donated to the Refood4Good association.

I have specific dietary requirements. Can I enter with the foods and drinks that make up my diet?

You can enter with foods specific to your diet.

Beverages are allowed only if they are plastic bottles of water or juice, with a maximum capacity of up to 33cl, without a cap.

Small quantities of food are allowed in, however, during the inspections made by the competent authorities some foods may be identified as not being allowed in.

Can I bring my own photographic and/or video equipment?

No. Semi-professional and professional photographic and/or video equipment can only enter the venue through professional press accreditation.

What can’t I bring to Meo Kalorama?

In accordance with the general terms and conditions for access to MEO Kalorama 2023 Festival, upon entering the venue, the public may be searched in accordance with legislation in force. Access is not allowed to objects that may be considered dangerous by those responsible for access control and security of the event. For security reasons, entrance to the venue is not permitted:

- Food in large portions.

- Beverages (only plastic bottles of water or juice, with a maximum capacity of 33cl, without cap, are allowed).

- Liquid containers with a capacity exceeding 100ml.

- Cans (drink and spray).

- Helmets.

- Selfie sticks.

- Firearms and bladed weapons.

- Fireworks, pyrotechnics and explosives.

- Sharp, pointed or perforating objects.

- Rain hats.

- Chairs.

- Ropes.

- Lasers and flashlights.

- Toxic substances and drugs.

- Computers and laptops.

- Power banks, larger than a cell phone.

- Suitcases and large backpacks.

- Large and/or professional audio, video or photographic equipment, with or without a tripod.

PSP elements may prevent the entry of unlisted objects that may cause harm to themselves or others.

I am travelling after the festival, can I take my cabin bag?

No. Cabin bags are not allowed in the venue.

Can I enter the Festival accompanied by my pet?

No. Only guide dogs are allowed.

Can I enter the festival with my bicycle, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades or other means of mobility?

No. These means of mobility are not allowed.

Can I enter the festival with my guitar, percussion instrument or other musical instruments?

No, musical instruments are not allowed.

I have mobility impairments. Is there a designated area I can access? What about a special entrance to the Festival? What is the ticketing policy for my companion?

There is a designated parking area exclusively for people with reduced mobility (accessible only to vehicles displaying a reduced mobility badge) and an entrance to the venue with a ramp and proper signage, supported by a team. Inside the venue, there is an elevated platform with good visibility to the stages, and various support facilities, including chairs on the platform and adapted restrooms for reduced mobility. Personal assistants are entitled to a free ticket. The person in need of personal assistant support should go to the ticket office with their multi-purpose disability certificate or temporary disability certificate along with their ticket, or purchase one at the time, along with the personal assistant, to be given the complimentary ticket.
The ticketing process will be the same for all situations. Discover all the available support at MEO KALORAMA at

I’m deaf. Will the Festival have sign language interpreters during the concerts?

Yes, there will be also a reserved area near the columns for deaf individuals to feel the vibration of the performances. You will also have access to the mobility platform where a support team is available to assist and provide information.

Learn more at

I am a blind person. What kind of special conditions does the Festival offer?

You will have access to the mobility platform and the support team. Guide dogs will also be allowed on the platform where there will be containers with water for hydration.

Are there resting/shaded areas?


Are there restrooms adapted for people with mobility impairments?

Yes, located at the mobility impaired platforms and accessible restroom islands.

Are there non-binary restrooms?

Yes, all restrooms at MEO Kalorama are non-binary.

Are there ATM's in the enclosure?

There will be no ATM equipment in the enclosure.

Will there be prioritised service at MEO Kalorama?

No. People with disabilities, pregnant women, elderly or who are accompanied by lap children will have priority in attendance according to Decree-Law No 58/2016 of 29 August.

What forms of payment will be accepted at the various sales points in the venue?

We only accept Credit/Debit Card payments. For people who do not have a card, they can conveniently charge some existing cards with cash to be able to consume.

Are there mobile phone charging points in the venue?

There will be mobile phone charging points in the venue (to be confirmed).

Is there free WI-FI in the venue?

Meo will provide free wi-fi in the venue.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, at the entrance of the venue.

Does the venue provide drinking water points?

Yes, the venue has drinking fountains with drinking water.

Are there any car parks?

There are no car parks.

Are there any special transports to the Festival?

Information to be made available

How to arrive (transports/accesses)

Information to be made available

Are there transports to the camping site?

Information to be released soon.

Do the passes include access to Camping?

No, the passes do not include access to camping.

MEO Kalorama has a partnership with Lisboa Camping & Bungalows (

You can buy the ticket here:

Where is MEO Kalorama campsite?

Information to be released soon.

What are the restrictions for access and use of the camping?


  • Check-in from 8am and check-out until 12pm.
  • You must present your camping ticket and bring your own tent. 
  • If you intend to enter with a car you will have to pay the value/night corresponding to the entrance. 
  • Barbecues/grills are not allowed.


  • Check-in from 8am and check-out until 12pm.
  • Each bungalow is entitled to at least one car.
If I need support in the venue what should I do?

You should use the services and teams of the organization inside the enclosure that will help you in any way necessary.

Can I enter the venue with prescription or non-prescription medication?

You can enter with your medication, however in some specific cases you must be accompanied by a medical prescription.

Is there a medical post at the Festival?

Yes, there is a medical post and several mobile teams in the enclosure.

Is there a lost and found?

You should resort to the elements of PSP present in the enclosure. If you find something missing after leaving the enclosure, you can contact the 34th police station located at Avenida Cidade Lourenço Marques - Praceta A, with the contact + 351 218547200.

Are there points for rubbish separation?

Yes, there are. We follow the rules for separation of household waste (paper, plastics and cans, glass, undifferentiated). We have rules for the correct separation and reduction of waste. To learn more

How can I submit my application to work with MEO Kalorama?

Please contact us at

Does MEO Kalorama have a volunteer programme that I can apply for?

At the moment we are not implementing any volunteer programs.

I am a band / artist. How should proposals to perform at MEO Kalorama be made?

Please contact us at

How can I contact the Festival?

Please contact us at

How can I send suggestions to the Festival to help improve it?

Please contact us at

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