Tijuana T

For almost 15 years, Tijana T has been a key part of the music scene in Serbia.

Now a full-time DJ, she is overtaking everyone and everything on the internal fast track to global stardom. Her mastery of acid-dominant techno style, elements of breakbeat, house, electro and synth-rock house have caught the eye and tuned ears around the world. This lethal style on the dance floor propelled her to become one of the busiest and most enduring DJs on the touring circuit. Over 150 shows in over 60 countries on six continents since the start of 2017 speak for themselves and tell their own story.  At dawn in Antarctica? Certainly, just around the corner. Her next chapter beckons, as her name is constantly enlarged in the font size of the posters of the events she attends towards the top of the world, where only the sky is the limit. She is the most luminous of contemporary DJ's.

But what leads Tijana T to be considered a rising star and to submit herself to an epithet of "the most desired"? 

Maybe the sky at MEO Kalorama is not that far to reach, after all we are in the middle of the open sky...

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