Scúru Fitchádu

Scúru Fitchádu appears in mid-2016 and results from an origin and direct reference to Cape Verdean music with traditional African roots, wrapped in a punk aesthetic and disruptive electronics, where influences and crossings align, so disparate in landscapes with strong textures and varied musical universes. Scúru Fitchádu has been highly applauded by specialized critics and now arrives at MEO Kalorama, after being part of the programming of big national and international alternative music events, to present his latest work "Nez txada skúru dentu skina na braku fundu" (In this dark find inside the corner in a deep hole), work whose sound reveals itself to be even more experimental with strong incidence in orality, in subversive and protest words. The artist goes even further than in "Um Kuza Runhu" (A bad thing), his previous work. The MEO Kalorama festival is going to rock!

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