Bruno is Phoebe. Phoebe is Bruno Gonçalves. He will always keep running, of that there is no doubt.

The new album proves that unstoppable urgency that distinguishes him and his music.

Anyone who is, in fact, up to date with what is being built on the Lisbon clubbing circuit,

away from the media attention, will hardly have not come across Phoebe.

Be it as founder of Troublemaker Records, ahead of Rádio Quântica, as programmer of the festivals Ano 0 and Rama em Flor, resident DJ of mina or one of the mainstays of Planeta Manas.

In the midst of so much activity, it is almost a miracle that Phoebe finds the time to create a highly peculiar musical journey in permanent sound mutation, not allowing herself to be imprisoned by the expectation of obeying a rigid stylistic scheme.

Her music is an authentic exercise in catharsis between the noisy sound walls of shoegaze and the debris of ambient, without losing sight of the dancefloor and rave appeal.

Phoebe  to star the sky at Bela Vista Park in the middle of Meo Kalorama.

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