Peach is most easily found among the frequencies of internet "radio waves" and at raves. Now living in London, where she hosts her monthly radio show on NTS, and you can find her in line-ups with artists such as Pearson Sound, Call Super and Saoirse, or jumping around on the dance floor. Her sets are creative, coherently crossing several genres. She skilfully builds narratives with high energy, dynamism and passion. This vibe is captured in her debut track, "Silky", a fast-paced melodic track that was released by Intergraded - a new label for emerging artists launched by Midland, as well as on her most recent release "Galaxy Girl" by Shanti. Peach Discs, Celeste and Gramrcy's label. Canadian Peach will give a show at Meo Kalorama, through her mixed sounds, united by her ability to impact the dancefloor tribe.

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